Day 22 (Poker)

Today was not a school day for me so I just stayed in my apartment skyping with a couple of my friends.

However, I entered my university’s annual poker tournament. So I participated in that during the evening. The smell of anticipation was incredibly high. I wanted to be on the wall of fame, where winners get their photo posted.
It was such a good experience because I felt out of my comfort zone. I had to talk to strangers at the table. I started out hot and got amazing hands (3 of a kind, two pairs, and then the legendary Royal Flush!) I’m not even kidding. However, I had to move tables and got extremely cold.
Two hours later, I went all in with two pair vs a tiny straight draw. My odds were 9:1. Then the final card popped out, it was one of only four cards in the whole deck that could’ve beat me. What a terrible beat. I lost and I felt absolutely terrible for a few seconds. Then, the calmness overcame me as I laughed it off and gladly took my rejection from those darn poker cards. Seeing everyone go “Ohhhhhh” at what happened also was quite funny. Then I wished everyone well and then went on my way.

I ended up hanging out with my friend and grabbing burritos anyways so ultimately losing was maybe a good thing.