Day 21 (Club?)

Hello. I woke up right before class would start. My two classes pretty much gave me no clear opportunities to talk to someone. Also, the moment it become night, it was so hazy. The fog shrouded the campus in a blurry state. It almost felt like the world was in a dream except that this was reality.
So the girl from day 10 showed me in my class and we talked and had more rapport. I let her borrow my notes and got her # so that we could study for the midterm coming up on Tuesday.

So my bold move today was to go to a club. There was this club I was interested in that happened to be right after my last class. I stayed in the back and did not participate in the discussion. (I didn’t find anything where I could come in.) Afterwards, I went up to the leader and introduced myself. We talked for 5 minutes before another one of the members took his attention. I’d say that was a failed rejection although he should be welcoming to many people. I’m vague on the club because I just don’t want to disclose it at this time. Maybe in the future. I’m not even sure I truly liked it.
However, I count it because I felt that I was going out of my comfort zone.