Day 18 (Learning Lesson)

Note to self: Sleep earlier and go to campus earlier. Trying to talk to strangers at night creeps them out a bit more. Besides, they are trying to get home!

I complimented this lady on how nice her yellow shoes were.
I tried to flirt with another (but you know how those political science majors are huh? Kidding.)
I had a fun couple minute conversation with someone who created their own tie-dye bike!
I told the cashier that she should repaint her fingernails that shade of green again when I bought my scantrons. She had the prettiest hands ever!

So in terms of talking to people, not a problem. However I had no attempt to get rejected. For some reason, I cannot do it in the coffee house. It’s pretty intimidating. On the bus, I’m with my friend. Excuses of course. I’ll try to get to class early tomorrow.

I need to regain the momentum that I had. Oh curse wisdom teeth. I must regain my wisdom?