Day 17

It took me 2 hours to fix my internet connection so I got to campus at 3pm.
I got to class and listened to the lecture. Sheesh, I felt terribly tired.
I’ll get straight to the point. I failed today.

I told someone nice shoes because fully orange shoes is way too awesome. They said thanks.
I talked to the girl from day 10 quite a bit because there’s a 40 minute break between class and discussion. I took a quiz and watched a video in discussion. I talked to the girl more and built quite the rapport. So it just proves that if you take a chance (aka speak up), good things come from it. I took the bus ride home and no one around me was free. All of them were on their phones or listening to their ipods/iphones.

So today I totally failed to get rejected.
But I’m not mad at myself; I simply need to find that inner solitude again.
Also, I’ll be taking a break during the weekend. I have an extremely good excuse.

I’ll add a rejection I need to attempt per day I miss.
I’ll have to possibly do 5 on Monday! 😛 We’ll see.