Day 15

To make up for the fact that I haven’t been on campus for 4 days. I wanted to make today extremely prolific. And I succeeded somewhat.
So I went to my class at 1:40pm. I was actually one minute late so I decided to sit next to my friend where there was also one stranger to the other side of me. (This would be crucial in attempt #1). I listened to that lecture until it ended. Then the girl next to me had a drink. I went to her and said, “Excuse me, what drink is that?” Her reply: “Ginger tea.” So then I asked, “That’s cool, could I have a sip and try it?” She said “Sure.” And so I took a sip of it and realized it was good. It was a bit too sweet for me but still good. (As I drank it, she said that it was pretty sweet as she added MORE sugar.) Hahahaha. Anyways, I thanked her and moved on. Failed Rejection.

So I went to my 3:10 pm class and the girl from Day 10 ended up sitting next to me. That’s what you call the process of rapport. That was pretty nice to see happen.

Afterwards, I went my own way at 4:30 and ended up going to the cafe. I had something I wanted to do. But I didn’t do it so that’s for another day. Instead, I talked to this ridiculous hot girl about her artwork and how she had to sketch people in the cafe for 4 hours. She ordered some bar that looked so good that I ended up getting the same thing. I wonder if that was some subtle rapport on my part. Anyways, something in my mind blocked me from asking her out as I was utterly attracted to her. I think I heard her say, “Take Care” when she was on her way. Maybe a self-rejection?

I lost my composure for half an hour so I just wanted to get rejected already. (But more on this after the other rejection attempts.)
445pm: Ask this gentleman that was putting away his wallet if I could have a spare quarter. He said sure, and handed it to me. I thanked him and kept going. Failed rejection.
515pm: Asked this lady who was waiting at the sidewalk corner if I could have a spare quarter. She said sure, spun her backpack around, unzipped the pocket, took out her wallet, got the quarter and handed it to me. Failed rejection.
530pm: Went into the bookstore to browse and looked for a couple of items. I saw someone wearing this cool bag with a cool quote. I complimented them on it. They thanked me and I told them to keep wearing it. Then I went on my way. I just went talking.

So it didn’t happen and I was tired so I took the 545pm bus back to the apartment.
However, I saw my email have something in it saying: That Best Buy had interest in me but could not accept me for any job. Rejection!

So going back to the really attractive lady in line. Now that I am writing this I am calmer and more at peace because I learned a big lesson. I’m just restraining myself because of my “thinking” of the future outcome when the outcome cannot ever happen until you make it happen since there’s no other life to compare it to. Therefore, I’ll try a good rejection tomorrow that will attempt to overcome this specific fear. Who knows, maybe I’ll see her again. Life goes on.