Day 14

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. What he did was create a chance for all people. I have to personally thank him here.

However, I wish today wasn’t a holiday. Trying to find a rejection at home is difficult. Or maybe I think it’s awkward to just go to get coffee or something just to find someone to get rejected by? Haha.
I’ll be honest. I slept half the day (terrible sugar crash). I woke up a couple hours ago and I started self-doubting myself with thoughts like, “What’s the point? You know many of them have boyfriends. You know your height is not so desirable. Etc.” So I rejected myself today. And it’s proof I’m not a perfect robotic machine (yet :D).

I’ll attempt to do 2 or 3 tomorrow to make up for the pretty stagnant weekend.
Take Care.