Day 12

9am-12pm. I went volunteering again and this time it felt like more work. However, it’s exciting to make some sort of difference. So even if there was more work it felt fulfilling. I looked at all the countries that got those boxes of supplies and realize I’m really just a microcosm of this huge human activity. Whether it’s good or bad doesn’t matter. People just keep on doing activities which possibly offset into a blob of neutral actions. 🙂
1210pm: Sister calls me and tells me to bring some letters to the post office.
1230pm: Arrive at the post office. Put letters into the box. Realize that sending things in boxes cost a little bit more.

100pm: Football game. Ravens vs. Steelers.
115pm: I called the cousin asking him to come over to hang out. He said “We’ll see” but since he was sick I knew that meant no. Therefore an indirect rejection.

754pm: The biggest test today was feeling that frustrating feeling because the family has been on edge the past week due to some issues. Staying patient has been the toughest objective. However, I am continuing to be successful with the mood change. Anger doesn’t change anything; you either do it or accept it. Anger changes nothing.