Day 11

1. I am preparing my resume and applying to jobs. That means more rejection opportunities in the near future.
2. I have caught up on sleep (although it probably cost me a good quality rejection today.)

Getting rejected on campus is so much easier than getting rejected on the weekends for me because all my friends are at their own campuses (and away from the area.) The best I could muster today was asking my father to go out and get some food. However, he said “no” because he wanted to make sure not to waste any at home. I count it because I did feel a bit of a frustrating feeling after. You know what I am talking about when you’re craving a certain type of food. (I’ve been wanting this burrito from this one place that I haven’t had for 4 months now). Small rejection but one nonetheless.

Edit: A slightly better rejection was asking my sister for a 2nd opinion on my resume. However, right at 11:59 she declined after I asked her twice to check it out. She said, “I am way too tired.” A better rejection as I felt a bit disappointed.

Time to get riskier ones on the weekend.