Day 1

It’s the first day. This will probably be the longest reply since I have to describe my setting. Note: It is a bit vague for now. I haven’t decided if I want to name buildings/people yet.
I woke up at noon feeling absolutely drained from the terrible sleeping pattern I have. I’ll have to fix that another time. I got to school around 1pm. Since I was with my classmate, I was just looking for places to find people around campus later on. We walk around to look for the building of our class. After the maze like features of the building, we sat at our desks. I noticed I could have done quite a bit of things here but I will do them on future days.
So class ends and my classmate goes his separate way and I enter into another building where my other class is held. Such a lovely place to find people as there are 20 chairs attached to one wall (where around 13 people were sitting), two staircases on the other side, and 4 hallways with the classrooms. The staircase leading downstairs leads to 6 studying tables and 4 vending machines. That’s another good area. However, at this point, the social anxiety hits extremely hard. I end up just sitting in the corner of the hallway, a little disappointed but not down. I enter class and there ends up being a lovely young lady sitting in front of me with some interesting tattoos. Again, another good chance. However, again something makes me hesitate. So class starts and ends. I walk out thinking what small step I can do first. So I walk to the post office within the campus. I go up to the counter and ask the postal person, “Hi. Can I have a free stamp? I don’t have any cash on me at the moment. I’d be willing to pay it back tomorrow.” He goes, “Do you have a debit card?” I respond with, “Nope.” (I don’t have one at the moment. Blame my couch for eating my wallet the past week). So he simply makes the gesture where both hands go up and nods his head saying no. I just got my first rejection.
I’m glad I did something simple today to just prove that there’s really nothing to be afraid of and it doesn’t hurt to ask.