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Get to the Cake Even If the Frosting is Good

For all of the readers out there who enjoy a slice of cake, I want you to imagine your favorite flavor of cake. Is it strawberry? Is it chocolate? Is it something else?


Now for the sake of this exercise, everyone gets their delicious frosting on top of this cake. You get to imagine what type of frosting you want on your cake too.


Here’s the interesting part: I am pretty sure almost all of you would say that frosting [albeit unhealthy] is almost always tasty.

Ever saw the visual of something or somebody and thought how attractive or lovely that object or person was? This is like the frosting, it is almost always tasty or pleasing to our senses.

Frosting would be a metaphorical physical look of somebody or something. This is because just like on the cake, the frosting is on top of the cake and is the only thing you can see before you cut the cake.

Now, when it comes to cake, I am pretty sure that is good in the majority of cases as well. However, what happens when the cake is too dry and tastes bad? The frosting can only mask the taste of the cake so much.

A dry, bland, or bad cake isn’t to our liking. This would symbolize someone who doesn’t match with us, maybe incompatible, just like how we’re currently incompatible with subpar cakes.

Even if the frosting [or person’s appearance or object’s appearance] is good, can it really mask a mediocre cake [or person’s inner qualities like charm, humor, and fun]?

Don’t let the illusion of the frosting mask a mediocre cake. Make sure that you have a nice delicious cake in front of you, frosting optional. That’s how you maintain quality people, things, and cake in your life.