The Humble Blueberry

May 31 2014 Portland, Oregon

The bright blue sky offers a welcoming entrance to the setting. The sun is also determined to send out vibrant radiance.

It’s a comfortable day to be comfortable and share that comfort with others.

She automatically tells me that I would find more interesting people around than her.

“It’s definitely a city where you’ll find a bunch of interesting characters.”

I quickly tell her that the most interesting people tend to be the ones that don’t overstate it through their attire and appearance.

She smiles amidst a background of green. The green leaves and the green grass listen in intently. Some leaves arrive by traveling with the wind. They come pouring in from all directions to hear the conversation.

She told me a story about the time she went to Spain. One of the days she had no plans. Her group wanted to get lost on purpose. That day ended being her favorite out of the whole trip because it was unpredictable. They found their own magical exploration.

That’s what life is about. If everything is linear all the time then you can’t find fun, random variables that makes life really shine through.

She calmly reaches into her bag to grab her lunch. Her lunch is twenty or so blueberries piled together in a plastic container.

While reaching for a blueberry, she asks me about my writing and what I plan to do with it.

I contemplate for a quick second before stating, “If aliens came around to visit I’d like to share my interactions with people to show the best side of humanity in a little storybook.”

She laughs and nods her head in approval.

(It’s crazy to think that I found out my elevator pitch and sidebar description through answering this fantastic question).

She lets me remember why I enjoy these little microscopic interactions in an indifferent universe. It gives me joy to share a moment with someone I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s a tiny, respectful way of finding great reflections within another person’s kind soul.

The blueberry on top of the whole thing is that I’m marveling at how charming it is to have twenty blueberries for lunch. It’s ridiculously simple.

You never know when someone is going to humble you with their grace.