The Best Tip for Lengthy Challenges

When I woke up yesterday (Monday, Sept. 19), I could feel the nerves starting to come. I was about to say, “What did I get myself into?” Then I smiled because I remembered the best way to begin with challenges like this.

There’s a tip I want to share that always helps me when I’m having last minute resistance towards anything that’s challenging.


Day 1 of Awkward Moments

I looked at my schedule again and realized school doesn’t begin until later in the week. Now that’s hilarious.

Therefore, I decided to get my groceries and other essential things.

I looked at my orange shoes and knew what I was going to do.

Last month, I bought bright neon green shoelaces to complement those orange shoes.

I quickly changed the shoelaces and they looked funnier.

I decided to go out in my pajamas with oranges sneakers that have neon green shoelaces.

-A mint green shirt that has a faded logo.
-Blue shorts that are a bit short.
-The orange shoes + neon green shoelaces.

I went to three locations: The gas station, the convenience store, and the supermarket to finish all of my errands.

At the convenience store, I could feel the anxiety start to spread through my body. So I walked towards people. I didn’t have to talk to them but I decided to walk towards them to remind myself that they’re not a threat and their judgments aren’t a threat.

When I was close, I stopped for a second, smiled, and walked on.

-A family of three looking for soap.
-Ten girls standing idly by the exit.
-Anyone who looked at me and my shoes.

It felt awkward to my body and brain. My brain was like, “Go away Matt” but I kept walking towards people and smiling in the most respectful way that I could.


So the tip is: Start small, really small. If you try to do the most ridiculous idea you have in your mind on day one, you’ll freeze up. If you start small then you’ll actually do it and feel progress.

As you get more confident with actual progress then that’ll be the momentum you need for doing bigger and bolder tasks later on in the challenge.


Haha awesome! You have to provide some pictures...

The Millionairess
The Millionairess

Great tip. I been wanting to workout at 5am since thats what time all my mentors go out. I had my alarm set and every morning I would turn it off and be mad at myself. I decided to change my game and go right after I get my son to school and do 20 min. Now that was a lot smaller but now im so happy that I do it. I definitely relate. Thanks for sharing