Day 66 (Avoid Being the Doormat: The Two-Chance Rule)

Or how I learned this rule from experience…

There was this girl that I always wanted to hang out with.

I asked her to hang out four times and she rejected me all four times throughout the year.

I quickly realized I was wasting my time talking to her. I kept talking to her after she told me I had no life besides driving her around like a taxi. And I only offered to help her out one time.

I guess that was one time too many.

Some people won’t think anything of you, so the best way to get rid of them is by following the two-chance rule.

It enables a balance between giving people some leeway and not being a pushover/doormat.

It’s quite simple.

When someone rejects you a first time, try to see if they will be willing to hang out at a future date.

For example, if they offer an alternative date, they have created their second chance on their own.
If they don’t, then offer another day to hang out, meet up, etc. If they decline the second time, then you should be willing to get out of the way and go on to the next person.

I feel that two chances is the right amount because everyone has their bad day. If I ask someone something when they’re having a bad day, then they may not be in the right mood to accept my request. If I ask them a second time on a different date, then they could accept.

Asking two times may be a solution to some lost possibilities.

So in summary:
The two-chance rule: Offer them something not once but twice. If they decline both times, it’s time to move on and look forward to the next person.
However, sometimes that second attempt can make all the difference.