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You Need to Know About the Mirror

“Nobody really wants to know about you, they just want to know what about you they can relate to themselves.” All mirrors reflect an image back to you that enables an identical or modified version of what the mirror sees. If you hold a cat up to the mirror, it’ll always show a cat. This […]

The Crossroads

March 2012 The bright grey gloom around me felt overwhelming in its juxtaposition. The notorious San Francisco fog was hovering and lingering for this day. Many tourists, locals, and waves of people were filtering around the Ferry Building looking at all of the independent shops within its components. I waited around until Andrew Caldwell popped […]

Paying It Forward

The ideas and vision behind the blog initially started out as a way to overcome personal setbacks. However, looking back on it now the vision to meet 1000 people started out with the first person on my past approaches list. Jason Shen was one of the original participants in Rejection Therapy. I was intrigued by […]

Get to the Cake Even If the Frosting is Good

For all of the readers out there who enjoy a slice of cake, I want you to imagine your favorite flavor of cake. Is it strawberry? Is it chocolate? Is it something else? Good. Now for the sake of this exercise, everyone gets their delicious frosting on top of this cake. You get to imagine […]

On Momentum

[Thank you for MLK for all that he did. Monday was a holiday that celebrated him in the United States, so I decided to write for Tuesday this week.] After my success with directness, I used momentum to build it into success. I was fully confident in myself during these couple of days so I […]