Day 27 (Assertiveness Allows for Fairness)

There wasn’t much I did today. I woke up feeling terribly. I didn’t go to class until midday. Even then, the anxiety that was sleeping yesterday came back furiously today. I couldn’t get myself to do much.

I asked this girl with the most beautiful eyes who was eating cereal for gum. She didn’t have any so I was rejected. I just wanted to warm myself up.

I went to one of the computers in the library. I asked the person next to me for gum. They countered with a mint. I took one and I finally got some sort of fresh breath. So I am finished with asking for just gum and mints for a while.

I tried studying for my midterm but to no avail.

I went back home feeling the anxiety hit me. I was a bit discouraged but realized goals have their own ups and downs.

My personal brain therapy is music. I just listened to that for an hour before I came back to campus.

I came in thinking I was going to ask a girl out because I wanted to do something bold. Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling attracted to any girl. Either I’m getting too picky or I’m just not looking hard enough. I don’t want to ask just anyone; that would be lying to myself. Imagine a girl that I didn’t like say yes. That would be terribly awkward in my opinion.

So what about the rejection you ask?
Well I had two attempts where I had to speak up just to have a fair deal!
During break, I went to the vending machine. My drink didn’t come out. It got stuck. Luckily, the next guy picked the same drink and 2 of them dropped. I had to be assertive and I asked him for the 2nd drink. That was supposed to be for me anyway. He just shook his head and gave it to me without asking me why I wanted it. Failed rejection. If I didn’t ask, he would’ve taken the 2nd drink not knowing that the machine had malfunctioned on me!
I hate that machine.

I got some Chinese food at a restaurant after class. It says on their menu that students get 10% off. They told me $6.25 for the item I wanted to buy. I countered with the 10% off sign they had on their menu. Afterwards, they said $5.65. Failed Rejection.

You have to be assertive to get the benefit of the doubt!
Time to study for my exam.

After tomorrow’s midterm I’ll come up with more creative ideas.
Have a good one.