Ask (Small Stories with Small Victories)

An old friend liked one of my recent statuses on Facebook yesterday.

I asked myself, “What is holding me back from catching up with this friend?”

Nothing is holding me back.

I wrote a Facebook message and asked to hang out. The old friend agreed.


The vending machine ate my two dollars. I waited for a couple of minutes to decide what to do.

Someone else put their two dollars in the vending machine.

They ended up receiving their drink of choice and my drink.

I quickly asked to get the other drink since it was actually mine. They gave it to me right away.


I was at the bookstore and one of my favorite books had $7.50 written on its inner cover. I looked at my wallet and there was only $5 inside.

I brought the book up to the cash register and the cashier rang it up. I asked him politely, “Hi, I’d like to buy this book for $5. It is the most I am willing to offer and I feel it is reasonable enough to gain a profit. I know you got this book used and I know you’d like someone like me to buy it. I need to drive home as well.”

The cashier stared at me for a couple of seconds and told me, “If you sell your soul for the other $2.50 then we have a deal” as he changed the price to $5. I gave him the $5 and thanked him. He smiled back.


I asked a girl on Twitter if her soul animal was a tiger. She had that feisty personality. She also had Tigers all over her social media accounts. I was curious to see what would happen when I asked based off of curiosity.

She replied and sent me a Tiger picture. We continued talking and she asked me in return to help me with a particular project. Who knew asking about Tigers creates an opportunity.


I asked a friend about one of their friends who ended up going to my university. She was writing on her friend’s page. I figured I could network and sent a message over to the other friend who was going to my university. We still keep in contact to this day because I asked.


Every single event happened because I asked. The world isn’t going to hand you small victories. Just like any vision or cause, the small victories take some effort as well. Asking is a small task that allows clarification, opportunity, and fun. It lets positive randomness in. Go out and ask. The benefits can be small or large. Asking lets those benefits happen.