Approaching Experiments

Think of this as a bucket list for social experiments.

Approaching Experiments

1. Participate in the 30-day Rejection Therapy Challenge. My blog was solely about this experiment for 4 months and I ended up participating in it for over 70 days.

Here are some good rejection posts:
Day 7 (Drawing Up Fun)

Day 36 (Fruit Gushers Enables Gushing Out Risk) *handed out Fruit Gushers.

Day 47 (Never Settle for Anything Less than You Want; Become Exceptional) *one of the hardest rejections.

2. Be able to meet 100 strangers (and beyond) through any median (online/offline) and blog about it. (24) Check out the the past meetings.

3. Social Skydiving. I used social skydiving to help my social skills and flirting skills. Past approaches 14-16 were the most impacting approaches during this experiment.

4. Participate in Niall’s Random Acts of Courage.

5. Act out Fabian‘s awesome suggestion(s) to me.

6. Say Thank You to someone everyday for a month. FINISHED

7. 30-Day Awkward Moments Experiment. I learned to accept awkwardness as a part of daily life by tolerating uncomfortable feelings and making them comfortable.

8. A post about OKCupid.

9. Go to one of the Likemind Meetups and go to one of the Meetups.

10. Couchsurf and/or Tripping.

11. Change. (We’ll get there.)

12. Pay for someone in front of me.

13. Pay for someone behind me.

14. Hand out free high fives for an hour.

15. Hand out 100 fliers in a day. An interesting experience where most people thanked me for personally handing out the flier to them.

Have any more experiments you want me to try?
E-mail me at theapproachmachine [at] gmail [dot] com
Or send me a tweet on Twitter.

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Free Money Day
Free Money Day

Hey Matt, Congrats on all you've been doing! If you're still going next year, perhaps you'd like to try giving away money to complete strangers ( Donnie and the Free Money Day team

Gregory Dion
Gregory Dion

Have a cup of tea with a complete stranger? Keep this up Matt. Not enough people have the gift of self reflection and improvement like you do. I'm keen to come back and do some more reading, and maybe one day we can talk about it all over a cuppa!

Matt Ramos
Matt Ramos

Thanks for the kind words Gregory. Definitely would be up for a cup of tea!