Another Way to Find Your Life Purpose

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” – Joel Barker

Last week, I was lost within my own blog. I decided to do free flow writing with a twist by commenting on 100 different blogs. I wanted to see where my subconscious would take me.

This was an experiment (originally done by Tristan) to get more traffic and comments to your blog.
-I did it to read more blogs and see how difficult it really is to comment on 100 blogs within 24 hours.
-I also didn’t want to just add crap to someone’s blog. I made sure to take the time to read their blog post and add more ideas to it.

I’m a firm believer in making the life you want to live. It’s important to have an ultimate purposeful vision, so that you have a meter that reads 100% passion. You can withstand all the highs and lows when your passion is that relentless, persistent, and powerful.

-If you want to conquer that bucket list, do it.
-If you want to make a difference in the world, do it.
-If you want to become financially independent, do it.

-Through my 100 comments, I learned more about what my blog is about because I let my subconscious relate to the posts, meaning whatever came up in my mind first is what I wrote.
-I added around 50 people’s blogs that I didn’t know existed.
-I learned more self-discipline. I was starting to get tired at around 90 or so but I went through it and made my goal of 100.
-I was able to take the best idea from a particular blog and make it resonate with the fear concept.
-An added bonus is that I networked with a few awesome people.

Writing on other people’s posts gave me inspiration on what my blog was going to be about in the long run and as you know the rest is history.

I noticed that 1/3 of my posts ended up talking about fear. I asked myself, “Why did I keep talking about fear?”

Then I brainstormed quite a bit as to what stopped all people from doing something they wanted to do.

It was simple. Fear stops people from doing whatever they want.

So it was my calling to take down an aspect of fear and attempt to knock it out.

If you don’t take that leap every once in a while, then you won’t let failure help you find your way.

If you can overcome fear, then you have the upper hand to create the vision in your mind and live with 100% passion.

Defeat fear and everything else can happen.
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Matt, fantastic post. Quick question: How did you go about finding the posts you'd be commenting on?


Hi Matt, When I was working on lowering my Alexa Ranking I would go on commenting sprees. I was up to 70 a day or so. Fear is an innate condition in all of us. The deal is that we have to learn to accept that we have fear but move on in spite of it. I believe that there would be more bloggers if fear didn't stop them from doing it.

Yuval Qen
Yuval Qen

Pretty much all of our behavior originates from fear. If you follow your thoughts far enough, and it varies from person to person but some people excel at what they do because they fear being left alone. Some people sabotage their own success for fear of success (or high-stakes failure). Deep down it's all rooted in fear. You see it more clearly when you coach people and seek their barriers.

Wendy Irene
Wendy Irene

Helping people eliminate fear is such a great purpose to have that can make a huge impact on the world. We often let fear rule our life when most fear is self created madness in our mind.