Day 45&46 (…And Then the Long-Term Benefits Appear)

*Just like any other goal, I lost my motivation a bit for a day or two. Lapses happen but I am not discouraged by them. I just have to think back to my core inspiration.
Also, I’ll make edits to this post tomorrow. It has been a long day.

So why do I try to get rejected? It enables me to reap the benefits of all of the failed rejections. For the past two days, I have been studying with people that I met simply by asking them to study when the opportunity arose during past days.

Day 45: Let me start with what happened yesterday. I got locked out of my apartment because there were new keys. All of my roommates were out of the apartment when I arrived. I took action and asked the main office if I could take the spare key to enter the apartment. The guy in the office quickly looked for the key and handed it to me.

I quickly grabbed my backpack and went to class. That was a very important failed rejection because if I did not get into the apartment, I would not have any of my supplies for class.

After both of my classes, I met up with someone I met on Day 39 (where we both were collecting notes for the same class). We decided to meet at the coffee area. She arrived a bit late (delayed failed rejection) but we started studying. We never built any previous rapport. There were very long, extended periods of silence that felt uncomfortable. The benefit was that we held each other accountable in studying. We asked each other clarifying questions and made sure we understood the material. After a while, I asked her some questions about how her day was and she answered. I also asked about other topics like favorite sports teams and where she was from. This enabled the feeling of rapport during breaks from studying. We studied for about four hours before the coffee area closed.

Day 46: Unfortunately, I had two midterms to study for. I woke up and got ready to take the first midterm. I arrived a bit early and did some last minute studying. My nerves were incredibly calm from the confidence of studying the day before. Once I got the exam, I realized that I was well-prepared with yesterday’s studying. I could have done a little bit better but studying with someone else was a huge improvement.

After the exam, I had to walk to the other side of campus. On my way there, I saw this really attractive lady. Like I said before, there is no perfect moment. Right before she entered a building, I called out and said, “Hey excuse me. I know this is potentially awkward but I was wondering if I could add you on facebook. I have a feeling that you’re interesting. Anyone with an art canvas has to be interesting right?” She smiled and said in a very polite tone, “Well I have a boyfriend, so there is that, so maybe not.” So I told her that was fine and it was nice meeting her. I went on my way to the other side of campus after the total rejection.

I met up with the girl from Day 28 to study for my other midterm. I was going to originally on Day 42 but the rain decided against that. I was also offered yesterday but decided that I had to study for the first midterm instead.
We met at the library and found an empty table to study at. We studied for two hours without much communication. We did ask one a few questions but that was it. After the two hours, I realized I was really hungry. So I turned to her and offered, “I am going to go to the cafeteria, do you want to join me?” Much to my surprise, she agreed and gave me a nice failed rejection. We both walked to the cafeteria and ordered our food. We found a table and started talking for a good twenty minutes. It was good because it broke the ice really well. We talked about baseball and where all the great sushi restaurants were around the area.

Then we walked back to the library.

Then another one of her friends came to study with us. He took her flashcards and decided to quiz both of us. It really gave another dimension to the study session because it was much more active. I reviewed really well with them. As I got to class, I felt pretty confident about how I was going to do. I did decently on the exam.

Studying with others is such a huge benefit.