An Alternative Way to Move on from Tough Experiences

[Sidenote: My friend and I went to the California Academy of Sciences. I’ll talk about that actual experience next post. In this post, I want to share the new perspective I gained from it.]

Much of my fuel, drive, and passion is created through the missed opportunity that happened at the same place 14 months ago.

There’s a paradox I’ve been living for a year:
-Let that experience go and lose that gasoline to add to the motivational fire.
-Keep that experience and fail to see the joy in the present, in others, and in other experiences.

It’s a constant reminder of what inaction cost me. So I can’t let it go. I’m okay with making this one exception.

Here’s the alternative solution:

Instead of letting go of the memory altogether, catalog it. I’ll catalog it into my metaphorical library of experiences within my brain. I’ll look at it for reference to ignite my internal self when I’m lost and when I need inspiration.

At all other moments of my existence, my attention will be on living in the present. My story doesn’t have to stay open on that page. I can take that particular volume of my life and store it onto the bookshelves.

Now I can create a new volume with all of my new experiences while keeping the old volume (the past) because “When I suffer…I create the most.”

Esther van der Wal
Esther van der Wal

The good and the bad, all your positive and negative experiences: all of them are part of who you are and have become. It's fine to hold on to memories, even unhappy ones, if you decide to do so. I hope your past experiences will fuel a lot of positive things for you, whether it be lessons, inspiration or creative work. It's fine, you'll get to where you want to be. Thanks a lot for the shoutout :)