Day 28 (Aiming to be Altruistic)

Before I get to the good part, I’ll start with a quick run-down of what happened after my midterm:

Red Vines Licorice

Semi-bonus candy section:
I bought some licorice.
I ate a piece or two.
I offered some to a group of three people. They laughed! Then they said no. Rejection.
Then I ate another piece or two.
I had to get some lecture notes from a class that I missed. (It’s pretty much standardized notes where you can buy them. It’s optional.) There was a miscommunication and the guy gave me the wrong notes. Thenhe realized the notes for my class weren’t available yet. Then I offered him licorice. He just shook his head. Rejection.
Then I ate another piece or two.
Then I saw my study partner from Day 26 (The person I met from Day 10). We talked for half an hour while we burned time between our midterms and class. I offered her licorice. She said no thanks too! Rejection.
Then I ate another piece or two.
While she got coffee, I went ahead to our class and ended up meeting my friend (I also hung out with him during Day 22). We talked for a minute or two and then I told him I had class. Then I offered him some licorice. He declined. Rejection.
Then I ate the rest of the bag.

People don’t like licorice? Who knows. Unfortunately I ate all of them because I couldn’t give them away. I really wanted to share some with people. I’m simply trying to overload people saying no to me so that I do not take it personally when they say no to me when the stakes are higher.

The good part:
I was almost late for the bus. I found an empty row and just sat there. Then at the next bus stop was this one girl I always wanted to talk to, as I’ve seen her in a couple of my classes. Fortunately for me, she sat in the row next to mine.
After only two seconds, I said hi.
(At this point it was hilarious as 4-5 people turned towards me. It’s almost like I woke up so many people from their slumber. I doubt they’re even judging me. I bet they’re shocked, bored, and curious if I am talking to them!)
“Hi, aren’t you from my [insert class]?”
She responded with, “Yeah I am.”
Before I could say another word she offered if we could study on the bus before going to class. I agreed and she stood up and came to my row. We both admitted that we didn’t study as well as we would’ve liked for the exam. Then she asked me for my name. I responded with, “Matt, how about you?” She reciprocated. So we made the best use of our time and studied for about 10 minutes until we reached the campus bus stop. We both walked to the classroom and took the midterm. I am pretty sure I got a couple more questions right because I studied with her. Therefore, getting a higher score and breaking the ice is a good failed rejection. I am hoping that I could ask her out for some coffee next week when classes resume. Stay tuned!

Marylyn Sambucetti
Marylyn Sambucetti

Hi there, just hopped over to your page from stumbleupon. It's not an article I would typically read, but I liked your thoughts on it. Thanx for creating a blog post worth reading!