7 Courageous Posts That Motivate Me (And Will Motivate You Too)

Whenever I need courage to continue on my journey, I look to these posts to keep me going in the right direction. These posts help me immensely and I know that they can provide help to you as well.

1. The Million Dollar Question by Sebastian Marshall. This post stands out as my favorite post of all-time. Sebastian writes a beautiful, honest piece about how he feels different from the people in Japan’s suburbs. He feels that slight sense of isolation because his ambition is incredibly more vast than most. He wants to make a difference in the world and because of that, he won’t have the luxury of living a comfortable life. Very few people will understand him because he wants to change the world with millions of dollars and relentless production in his career. I can relate because I’m doing something that not many people will understand.

2. Loud. Arrogant. Rebellious. Asian. by Jason Shen. As a fellow Asian-American, there are social stereotypes that we have to face. Jason Shen wrote an amazing piece of wanting to break that racial stereotype. I want to break it as well so I feel similarly to what Jason writes here. It’s a reminder that I need to make that noise, be assertive, and be absolutely confident in my ability to take chances.

3. Random Acts of Courage by Niall Doherty. Niall has been a huge supporter of consistently going out of your social comfort zone. His random acts of courage experiment is to show the steps to find your social courage. Some of his challenges are hilarious, others are strange, and all of them challenge the notion of going out of your comfort zone. I have personally done some of these challenges and I enjoy how he presents the outcomes of these challenges. Almost always, nothing bad happens. It’s another reminder to keep taking risks.

4. The Microchange I Want to be in the World by Mark Robertson. Mark writes about being unable to make a huge difference in the world. Rather than be sad about that, he advocates an alternative strategy to living a life with purpose. Create the microchange you want to see in the world. Make small changes to yourself to better your attitude. Make a difference to the few people around you. Make a huge difference to one other person. Do something random that impacts your local group and community positively. Be that microchange.

5. Have You Accepted Passion as Your Personal Savior? by Chase Night. This post really changed my attitude towards my blogging changes in the past couple of years. I used to be passionate about wanting to do all sorts of magical things on a particular bucket list relating to social activity. Then I realized it was starting to hinder my development in other facets of my life. Allowing my passion to be fluid enough to change at a moment’s notice while keeping a particular theme underneath it all helped me. I felt scared that I had to ride out my be epic by 30 idea. However, I changed it to wanting to meet interesting people, which is more manageable to me currently.

6. Friends are More than Contacts by Raam Dev. It’s a fantastic article about how he keeps sight of his close, intimate friendships while balancing the ability to create new ones. While I didn’t delete my personal Facebook like he did, he shared a great discussion as to keeping quality in your personal relationships rather than adding more numbers to your Facebook count. The balance to allowing new interactions while maintaining closeness with close friends is extremely important.

7. First Impressions by Ken Bernock. First impressions are extremely important. However, this post reminds me to stay open about people even after their initial impression. Sometimes people have a bad day. People are not perfect and they will mess up. Giving them some flexibility is a valuable skill to learn because it allows people to get a better understanding of one another. While first impressions are a huge factor, allowing yourself some flexibility in your judgments can provide a better measurement of others and yourself.

These seven posts have helped me clarify my personal journey. Whenever things got tough, I looked to these posts to help me get an alternative, more positive outlook in life. Even if one of these posts helps you, then I’ve done my job. Enjoy.


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