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7 Courageous Posts That Motivate Me (And Will Motivate You Too)

Whenever I need courage to continue on my journey, I look to these posts to keep me going in the right direction. These posts help me immensely and I know that they can provide help to you as well. 1. The Million Dollar Question by Sebastian Marshall. This post stands out as my favorite post […]

Ask (Small Stories with Small Victories)

An old friend liked one of my recent statuses on Facebook yesterday. I asked myself, “What is holding me back from catching up with this friend?” Nothing is holding me back. I wrote a Facebook message and asked to hang out. The old friend agreed. —- The vending machine ate my two dollars. I waited […]

Share Your Honest Intent

March 08 2012 1:30PM I’m sitting at the cafeteria sipping on my black coffee. I usually open the lid for a couple of minutes to let the heat get out for a little bit. The moment I throw the lid onto the counter, I noticed a girl out of the corner of my eye. She […]

Learning to Lead

March 08 2012 3:40PM I enter into the cafeteria and I see an intriguing looking girl that catches my eye. She is wearing tall black boots, a black sweater, and a black shirt. She looks at the sushi stand and figures which type of sushi she’d like to have. This is where I ask her […]