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The Girl with the Brown Wool Cap

March 07 2012 2:40PM I walk around on a nice spring afternoon. I notice a girl sitting near the overpass with her intriguing brown wool cap. “Hey, that cap looks really interesting. It would be cool to talk to you.” She smiles and says yeah sure. We end up talking about that brown cap for […]

The Social Skydiving Game: Flirting with 77 Women in 14 Days

Let’s define social skydiving. Social skydiving is the art of chatting and meeting strangers randomly in order to make a new friend, get a date, get over social anxiety, or any other form of getting out of your social comfort zone. Why would anyone want to do this? Being shy for many years of my […]

The Revival

After the past calmed me and put in a meditative-like state, I decided to continue on with my journey. March 1st 2012 The bright sun on my college campus decided to shine throughout the bike paths and onto the buildings. It was a lovely spring day to stroll around. I was the wallflower, just walking […]