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The Narration of 2011

It Starts With The Panamerican Ass-Kicking and Disrupting the Rabblement to Get Busy Living with Unbridled Existence and Upcycled Love to Evolve Deep and Regenerate by being an Impossible, Puttylike Game Changer through Exploring the Human Element. Even with their varying intent, monetary policy, and beliefs, their writing helped me immensely. Many thanks to them. […]

On Overthinking (Three Ways to Stop)

Overthinking hinders many opportunities. Connor Delaney’s comic over at Drawing Board depicts it perfectly. In the comic, many hypothetical situations occur in a never ending layered thinking sequence. A guy is sitting inside a subway train. All of a sudden, a girl sits next to him. Or does she? Do either of the two want […]

Air For Life

Keep trying things. Then you’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t. Eventually you’ll find your air for life. After all of that trial and error, you’ll discover your metaphorical oxygen that brings fulfillment and not merely survival. Mine: Walking into trained fear (via evolution and social conventions) instead of running from it.

Create Conversation

As I sat on the bus, an attractive lady sat a couple of rows in front of me. Our eyes locked together before she sat down. However, my stop was next. I exited the bus without another glance. Looking back, I wish I changed my plans slightly and sat next to her on the bus. […]