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What to Learn from Burning Out

I’ve had one post under 100 words posted in the last two weeks. I’ve hit the wall. I know you’ve had the same issue. Forgive yourself. Sometimes, things don’t get done. You lose motivation on a huge project or you fail to deliver a product. Unless you’re under a formal contract (you promised with a […]

Sharing Positive Energy

Day 17 of Awkward Moments Experiment —— When your only goal is to spread positive energy around then you can never be disappointed. November 8th, 2011. 11:00AM. I finished my midterm and walked out of the classroom. I was walking through the hallways when I saw a girl that felt interesting to talk to. I […]

What Do You Think You Know and How Do You Think You Know It?

This is a guest post by Vlad Dolezal, who works as a life coach, and writes on Alive With Passion. —— Imagine you have a table. Now imagine you have a person (let’s call them Gentleman A) leaning over the table, and a person (let’s call them Gentleman B) sitting on a small stool next […]

The Double Bus Experiment

Day 16 of Awkward Moments *Since I’m starting the second half of awkward moments, I’m going to attempt to talk to more than one person from this point on. I’ll slowly work my way up into macro mode where my brain gets exposed to multiple people. —— October 28, 2011. Noon/4PM. On the same day, […]


Stop calibrating. Do it already. Keep messing up. Who’ll be laughing at you, mocking you, or making fun of you in 100 years (barring some life saving technology)? Nobody because we’ll all be fucking dust. The clock always keeps ticking. It stops for no one. Do.