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How I Used Facebook to Meet Someone in a Weird Way

Day 15 of Awkward Moments Experiment where I expand my social comfort zone and try to benefit others as well. —— Back in 2006, I joined the Bjork forum. I ended up meeting a lot of unique and interesting people on that site. I was active on that site for three years and ended up […]

The World is Smaller Than Ever: Use it to Your Advantage

Day 14 of Awkward Moments Experiment. —— October 24, 2011. 5:10PM. I sat in my class and noticed a girl next to me who looked really familiar. I couldn’t put my mind onto who it was so I decided to ask, “Hi, you look familiar. What’s your name again?” She hesitated at first and looked […]

Stop Being a Damn Zombie (and Collect Tasty Rejections)

Day 13 of the Awwkard Moments Experiment. October 13, 2011. 2:40PM. I enter the bus and scan around for an empty seat. I take the only seat left. I observe the people around the bus. The zombies are all out in full force, sitting around, playing on their iPhones, and being bored out of their […]

Take Your Bow

This is a guest post by Benjamin Spall. Benjamin writes on a variety of topics ranging from simple living, minimalist travel, and entrepreneurship. —— I held onto a lot of fear at school. It wasn’t fear of anything in particular; such as a fear of dogs, spiders, or the inappropriate old man down the street. […]

Brave New World (On Bravery)

Day 12 of the Awkward Moments Experiment. Ask yourself, “What is one action I can do to be braver?” Wednesday October 12th, 2011. 5:50PM. I walked to one of the emptiest places on campus. To describe it: -There is a path to the right that leads into one of the oldest buildings. Ironically it’s called […]