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Day 25 (Realization or Rapport?)

I just wanted to start the day with a sweet rejection by my close friend. Thanks for fueling more fire in me. The point is many people will think you’re a creep, weirdo, or scum for just trying to do creative things. They will think that you’re some ridiculous piece of meat for even trying […]

Day 24 (Studying or How I Destroyed my Left Hand)

Today is Sunday. It’s always tough to find a way to get rejected on a Sunday. There are no classes; your only bet is to go to a coffee shop. Luckily, that’s exactly where I went. I got my usual regular coffee but before that I asked the clerk, “Can I have a free coffee?” […]

Day 23 (Farmer’s Market; Strawberries)

I woke up today realizing that it was Saturday. Then a thought lit up through my brain. Today is the city’s Farmer’s Market! So I changed and jumped right into my car. I already knew what I wanted to do. Also, I wanted strawberries. I walked around and there was a swirl of people. It […]

Day 22 (Poker)

Today was not a school day for me so I just stayed in my apartment skyping with a couple of my friends. However, I entered my university’s annual poker tournament. So I participated in that during the evening. The smell of anticipation was incredibly high. I wanted to be on the wall of fame, where […]

Day 21 (Club?)

Hello. I woke up right before class would start. My two classes pretty much gave me no clear opportunities to talk to someone. Also, the moment it become night, it was so hazy. The fog shrouded the campus in a blurry state. It almost felt like the world was in a dream except that this […]