Day 25 (Realization or Rapport?)

I just wanted to start the day with a sweet rejection by my close friend. Thanks for fueling more fire in me. The point is many people will think you’re a creep, weirdo, or scum for just trying to do creative things. They will think that you’re some ridiculous piece of meat for even trying to talk to them. Some will think that you’re nothing until you prove otherwise. I already know how people tend to find a group and bask in it. They like their group and want to keep it the way it is. To any outsiders, that means absolute disregard. I don’t mind. They are entitled to their opinion. I am entitled to do what I want.

Asked the person next to me if she had some gum. She said she didn’t bring her purse so she didn’t have any with her. That’s a small rejection to warm up. I asked her how she did on the exam. She told me that she did horribly and was going to drop the class. Then she literally walked out halfway through the class and said “bye”. So I asked the guy next to me how he did. He also said he did horribly. At least the exam was equally tough for everyone.

After class, I walked to the bus stop and found someone to talk to. I also asked her for gum. (I really wanted gum). She looked totally shocked that I even asked. However, she gave me a piece. Then, we talked for about 5 minutes while the (almost always) late bus arrived. We shared all this stuff about school: our majors, class years, what to do with the major, culture background, city background, and why we chose this college.
Then we stepped on the bus and I took a seat where there was another seat open next to it. It was up to her to sit next to me or not. She past my row and sat a couple rows behind mine. What a lovely rejection. I thought I was going to make a friend but instead I got rejected. I suppose the rapport wasn’t strong enough. Life goes on.

Day 24 (Studying or How I Destroyed my Left Hand)

Today is Sunday. It’s always tough to find a way to get rejected on a Sunday. There are no classes; your only bet is to go to a coffee shop. Luckily, that’s exactly where I went. I got my usual regular coffee but before that I asked the clerk, “Can I have a free coffee?” She replied with, “If my boss was here he’d probably be okay with it but it’s not in my authority.” So that was a rejection but she really tried to tone it down. People really hate saying no it seems. It’s just curious to me.

However, that was one just for fun. I brought my books to study but forgot a pen on purpose. I had to ask the old lady next to me if she had a pen I could borrow. She let me borrow hers and then I gave it back after 5 minutes. About 30 minutes after that, she went up to buy herself another drink. Little did I know she would place a pen right on my notes. She smiled and I gave one in return. That was a cute failed rejection. Later on she asked me for help with some computer things and I suggested some advice to her to help her out.

Then I went on a rampage of re-writing my notes for four hours. Yes, that’s my way of studying.

I destroyed my left hand because I write left-handed. Fourteen pages of notes re-written can take its toll.

Day 23 (Farmer’s Market; Strawberries)

I woke up today realizing that it was Saturday. Then a thought lit up through my brain. Today is the city’s Farmer’s Market! So I changed and jumped right into my car. I already knew what I wanted to do. Also, I wanted strawberries.

I walked around and there was a swirl of people. It all caught me a bit off guard because I forgot that many students would be around as well. There were so many more people than I expected. Vendors full of items and prices including: all sorts of nuts, apples, cabbages, juices, pastries, breads, coffee, oranges, beans, raisins, etc. There was even popcorn which everyone seems to buy the most.

I finally stumbled upon the strawberries. I looked at the price and it said: $3 for one basket. This was a great opportunity to haggle. I asked the clerk, “Can I get one for $2.50?” The clerk just repeated that it was $3. I asked him again but he simply repeated $3. I was holding up the line by that point so I decided to give the $3. Those strawberries looked too delicious. Therefore, that was a good rejection but I got tasty strawberries. Have a good one.

Day 22 (Poker)

Today was not a school day for me so I just stayed in my apartment skyping with a couple of my friends.

However, I entered my university’s annual poker tournament. So I participated in that during the evening. The smell of anticipation was incredibly high. I wanted to be on the wall of fame, where winners get their photo posted.
It was such a good experience because I felt out of my comfort zone. I had to talk to strangers at the table. I started out hot and got amazing hands (3 of a kind, two pairs, and then the legendary Royal Flush!) I’m not even kidding. However, I had to move tables and got extremely cold.
Two hours later, I went all in with two pair vs a tiny straight draw. My odds were 9:1. Then the final card popped out, it was one of only four cards in the whole deck that could’ve beat me. What a terrible beat. I lost and I felt absolutely terrible for a few seconds. Then, the calmness overcame me as I laughed it off and gladly took my rejection from those darn poker cards. Seeing everyone go “Ohhhhhh” at what happened also was quite funny. Then I wished everyone well and then went on my way.

I ended up hanging out with my friend and grabbing burritos anyways so ultimately losing was maybe a good thing.

Day 21 (Club?)

Hello. I woke up right before class would start. My two classes pretty much gave me no clear opportunities to talk to someone. Also, the moment it become night, it was so hazy. The fog shrouded the campus in a blurry state. It almost felt like the world was in a dream except that this was reality.
So the girl from day 10 showed me in my class and we talked and had more rapport. I let her borrow my notes and got her # so that we could study for the midterm coming up on Tuesday.

So my bold move today was to go to a club. There was this club I was interested in that happened to be right after my last class. I stayed in the back and did not participate in the discussion. (I didn’t find anything where I could come in.) Afterwards, I went up to the leader and introduced myself. We talked for 5 minutes before another one of the members took his attention. I’d say that was a failed rejection although he should be welcoming to many people. I’m vague on the club because I just don’t want to disclose it at this time. Maybe in the future. I’m not even sure I truly liked it.
However, I count it because I felt that I was going out of my comfort zone.