I’m Matt.

This is for you if you believe in passing it forward.

Imagine if aliens come to our planet and are wondering what we’re about. I’m cataloging my personal experiences with people to share a nice storybook about humanity.

I’ll attempt to write about 1000 awesome people. Wish me luck.

Check out my Past Approaches tab to see my progress.


In 2011, I wrote about my personal journey through 70 days of Rejection Therapy.*

This gave me the courage to meet people in real life, whether that is initiating the conversation in real life or online.

What made me write this blog? Fear robbed me of being able to express myself during one of the most defining moments in my life. That’s the moment I realized that being courageous, even awkwardly, is infinitely better than regret.

About Matt Ramos:

Trance music, especially Armin van Buuren.
Sports, especially the San Francisco Giants.
Traveling, especially to the Nordic countries.

You can contact me at my twitter here @approachmachine

or theapproachmachine [at] gmail [.] com

*More info about Rejection Therapy here

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